Resolutions Revisited

shorter, better, stronger:

1) Liberate myself from all debts, both monetary and emotional, so I can be free to focus on the world’s opportunities rather than my concerns.

2) Live each day with kindness. Teach by example when it comes to letting go of the little things.

3) Overcome the reasons for envy, fear, and guilt.

4) Approach more people and build genuine relationships with them.

5) Learn how to get/do everything I need for myself.

6) Be productive every day at school; put the betterment of education ahead of my own worries about conflict when highlighting issues. Leave Georgia having taught as much as I learned.

7) Buy the Euro Rail Global pass; backpack those 21 countries; finally find self.

8) Put the cookie down.

9) Fall in love with someone who’s as passionate about life as I am; someone who looks down on nothing and will try everything (including all my cooking), who will happily follow me to the (literal) ends of the earth – who doesn’t need me but wants me.

10) Write more.


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