Contemplating Out Loud

Before I get to this week’s drama, I have to bring something to everyone’s attention: it’s (the end of) October. I look back on my New Year’s resolutions and wonder what happened. This is the year I was supposed to get everything in order – career plans, new hobbies, relationship matters, etc. ; this is the year I was supposed to rid myself of self-concern so I could be free to live in the moment. And where am I now? Still drifting, avoiding settling on anything at all costs. Still thinking about credit card debt while brushing my teeth.

Who knows if this is normal, but friends tell me I demand too much from myself. So yesterday I sat down at last to really consider their argument. I listed all the changes I’d like to make, then I crossed them out. And added them again. The end result was a really sloppy collection of mental blocks. I was neither disappointed nor satisfied at that point, so I crumpled it into a ball, assuring myself I’d make a better copy later. Then I sighed; I do worry too much. I’m a procrastinator, simple as that.

Ok, now down to business. I barely survived an encounter with dog meat at a local restaurant. It was just another Musketeeri meeting until a suspicious plate of mstvadi showed up … Something told us not to eat it (the gamey taste? the weird texture?), but we were delirious with hunger. A few hours after the fact and it felt like someone was ripping my GI tract apart with a razor. Back to adamant vegetarianism for me.

It’s been mostly uphill aside from that accident. The children at my school grow more loving with each passing day; since my last post I’ve been given a bouquet of flowers and a gorgeous drawing of a seaside sunset. I spend as much time with them as I can, regardless of my teaching schedule. They can’t get enough of “Simon Says”, and I’ve also translated a couple Georgian games into English for them. Next week we’re learning “Red Rover” and “Duck Duck Goose” 🙂 .

The teachers have implemented a lot of my advice from last month’s report. Now we include a lot more activities instead of relying on the textbooks. They’re really emphasizing the importance of learning each new vocabulary word, and they translate every English text into Georgian as opposed to just making them recite it. But the most fun is teaching the older grades American slang. We cover everything from greetings to love to negative names. I taught one class “What’s up?”, and by the next afternoon it had replaced the standard “Rogor khar?” (“How are you?”).

I’ll have to save the rest for later – time for Tbilisi, round two 🙂 Gelato. REAL Mexican food. And a lot of awesome people I haven’t seen in ages!


4 responses to “Contemplating Out Loud

  1. Didn’t realize teachers had access to our reports.

  2. Christina – Judy shared this with me yesterday. I am so grateful. I think of you often and have wondered how this new phase in your life was going. I was much concerned when Judy told me you were doing this, but I now believe this is probably one of the better decisions you have made in respect to what to do with your life. I am very, very proud of you.
    Your ability to communicate through the written word is astounding. Maybe someday a career in journalism, an author of some sort? I throughly enjoyed reading this and it is great to be able to communicate with you in some way.

    • I’m finally getting around to replying to everyone’s comments! Yours first. It really is comforting to know someone’s thinking of me 🙂 I think of you often too and wonder what you’re doing these days (?) And knowing you support my decision warms my heart even more 😀 I really appreciate the compliments on my writing; that’s one of the best things anyone could say to me! As much as I love to write, I’m too hard of myself and too impatient to ever make it a career. PLEASE send me an e-mail so we can catch up:

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